Plant-Based Foods on a Budget

​​​Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. Why?

​Because I get to grocery shop!!! Our grocery store, HEB, is one of my favorite places to go in my free time. Maybe it’s because I love to eat, or maybe it’s because they have this fantastic “Healthy Living” bulk section, but I go at least twice a week.


Since we’ve been married, Chris and I began budgeting with a program called “You Need a Budget” ( ). Budgeting isn’t something that has ever excited me, in fact, I run from it, but when I got married and began eating this way, it was necessary for me to jump on board with the budget.
​When I decided to try out this plant-based lifestyle, the first question my husband and I had was, “how much damage will this do to our grocery bill?”

​That question probably doesn’t sound unfamiliar.

To our surprise (and probably yours too), we have found that our grocery bill hasn’t changed much at all since I began eating this plant-based lifestyle, and I eat a lot of food!

​How do I succeed on this plant-based lifestyle and stick to my budget (Which for the first 7 months was based on two adults, both with part time jobs)?

1. Use bananas as a staple
Bananas are SO cheap! I buy as many of them as I can in bulk, at varying degrees of ripeness. This way, I have great bananas all week for my smoothies, muffins, and “nice”cream!

2. Look for sales
Often, groceries stores have certain days that they mark all the soon to be “bad” (ripe) produce down. I always try to take advantage of these deals. You can get all kinds of different fruits and vegetables a LOT cheaper than you would on a normal day!

3. Sacrifice
Sometimes being on a budget means knowing the difference between “wants” and “needs”. Things that I would really want on a normal basis are: organic produce, and 3 watermelons a week (my favorite). However, sometimes, being on a budget means that I have to sacrifice those things in order to maximize the types and amounts of fruits I can get while being on a budget.

What are some different ways that you have found success grocery shopping on a budget?

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