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Raw in Utah

By Julie:

I could write you a book about my time in Salt Lake, but I’ll spare you all of the details and give you the highlight reel- with a lot of pictures, not just words. 

One of the huge wins:

Waking up to this view every morning


Can it really get much better than this?


I mentioned in my last post that I had been eating fully raw. While my intention was to continue that to the best of my ability while in Salt Lake… it didn’t exactly happen. 


I have no regrets though.



My one regret was accidentally going to an all vegan restaurant for dinner the first night we were there. Mind you, I’m the only vegan in the group of my friends that went to Utah. One of my friends googled “Grass-fed burgers in Salt Lake”, and found our dinner option. After we had already ordered drinks, and had begun to order our food, we found out that everything on the menu was vegan. Burgers, wings, sandwiches, cheeses. The whole nine yards. 

This was the reaction when we were informed:





Can you blame them?

After this unfortunate experience (and my first with vegan meat and cheese), I have to say that I will never dare try that again. It’s just not for everyone (me).  I’m going to stick to fruits, vegetables, and the occasional grain. If I wanted to eat meat and cheese, I would eat the real stuff. 


That being said,

I had an AWESOME experience at an all raw-vegan place called Rawtopia (check out their website by clicking). This will definitely be a place that I frequent when in Salt Lake. It was all raw, all vegan, and all delicious. Even my friend (who is NOT a vegan) LOVED it!

These pictures don’t do it justice because we had already begun to dig in before I realized that I wanted to document the moment…and my camera was my iPhone 5C.

We split raw vegan sushi, pasta, and coconut curry rice

We split raw vegan sushi, pasta, and coconut curry rice

....and a little dessert

….and a little dessert










        Another awesome Raw find was this juicery called Vive. (Again, click)

 All fresh, cold pressed juice- and it was delicious! My husband actually took me on a date here.. not your “norm” date, but boy does he know his wife well!

They had green juices (my personal favorite), root juices, fruit juices, and more!




Though we did a lot of eating while there, we also did some exercising, and touring the city of course.

Let me tell you, running hills is a lot more fun with this unbelievable view in front of you the whole time. 


If you’ve never been to Salt Lake City, you should go (or move there)! It’s an incredible place!



Risky and Raw

By Julie:


This week I’m risking. 

I’ve been eating fully raw, it’s winter, and today I’m traveling to Salt Lake City for five days.


This picture is old, but I love watermelon soooo much

Initially, I thought that fully raw would be so hard, specifically because I thought that I would be cold in the winter.

Although I live in Texas, our house is not well insulated, and I get cold really easily! It’s only been 4 days (today is 5), and I have been loving it. 



 A few of the hardest things about eating fully raw thus far, have been:

1. Social eating – it’s been hard going out to eat (not that I have to a lot). I know of one place in my town that I can very easily eat raw, but other than that my social gatherings have had to be before or after meals, which is not the typical culture where I live.

2. Getting enough calories- I’ve been tracking all of my meals on Myfitnesspal.com, which has been really helpful to make sure that I’m getting enough calories, nutrients, and proper macros (for me). Here is an example of one day that I had:   













As you can see, I achieved the macros that I wanted (each day- 80-10-10), and I got almost all of the nutrients that I needed (yay!). However, it has been very hard to get enough calories- especially while eating a lot of greens- and staying on a budget!

3. Traveling- I feel like I have mastered eating a plant based diet while traveling, but I have not mastered eating raw while traveling. I have definitely failed a couple of times (which is okay- I’m enjoying myself), but there are a lot more options in Salt Lake than there were in the airports!

A few of the things that have made fully raw easy thus far have been:

1. Planning ahead! – The day before I went grocery shopping, I made a list of every single meal and snack that I would need, and every “ingredient” that I would need to accomplish it. I set myself up for success, I cut my fruit the night before I had to bring it to work, and I set myself a fail-safe plan!





2. Getting excited for the next meal!- Typically after work, I get excited for a nice, filling, warm meal, but this week most of my dinners have been different kinds of large salads. It’s been fun creating/testing out new salad recipes that I can get excited about eating. 

Also- eating with my husband made it much more enjoyable. 

3. Testing out new things- I’ve been able to play around with extra snack ingredients while eating fully raw, and I created some husband approved- delicious, HCLF fully raw cookie dough!



It was GOOD.

One of my favorite things about eating low fat and fully raw is that your meals are sweet and SO satisfying, and you don’t have to feel bad about eating something as wonderful as cookie dough for breakfast!

4. I have felt AMAZING- I typically feel pretty good eating “Raw till 4″. However, this week I have been less tired, more joyful, and my endurance (while working out) has increased. 

The benefits of eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables are endless!


What are some of your favorite fully raw recipes?


Goodbye Boring Salads!

By Julie:

As a vegan, I get most of my protein from leafy greens, and salads are a really great way to load up on them!

Unfortunately, salad has never been something that excites me. When I think of salad, I think of a giant bed of greens… and a couple other things thrown in there too (I’ve never been one for dressing). I like greens- but I’m not a cow and I don’t think that I was made to/want to chomp on a bowl of grass alone.


Recently, my salad world was changed. 

My typical salad looks a bit like this:

– Huge bed a spinach + romaine

– Raw bell peppers

– Steamed broccoli, yellow squash, and zucchini

– Roasted tomato

– Quinoa

– Avocado chunks (sometimes)

It tastes great. It’s just time for a change from my usual style of “anything in the fridge” type of salad.  

I’m an avid Pinterest user, and I found a salad that was different than anything I’ve ever made. It was fully raw, had a lot of vegetables that aren’t in my norm salad, and looked easy enough to pull off. 



So, I gave it a shot, and it has been one of the few Pinterest attempts that I have made that have actually turned out like the picture. (Despite the poor camera quality of my iPhone 5c)

This salad is from The Glowing Fridge, and she calls it her Chopped Detox Salad. It contains kale, cilantro, onion, cabbage, carrot, hemp hearts, and cauliflower. 

I edited the recipe a little bit. Click this link for her original recipe.

Below is mine with my modifications:

You will need: 

– 1 head of cauliflower

– 2 cups of kale

– 2 cups of red cabbage

– 2 cups of baby carrots

– 1/2 red onion

– 1/3 cup of fresh cilantro 

– 1/2 cup hemp hearts

– 1 avocado

– handful of ground flax seed

1. Finely chop the first 6 ingredients, and run them through a slicing or chopping blade in your food processor.  ( I was so excited to use this blade for the first time!)


2. Add hemp hearts, flaxseed, and diced avocado to the top of the salad and toss well

3. Enjoy

(This will make about 3 servings)


** I didn’t use any dressing on this because I felt like it had plenty of moisture and flavor. However, the original blogger has a dressing recipe that you can make with it if you wish!

* I also think that this would be really good with some added apple, orange, and strawberry slices for a summer salad!

My salad experimenting is only beginning!


What are some of your favorite salad recipes?




Back Pocket Tricks

By Julie:

Sometimes it’s easy to lose vision for why we do the things that we do. Even when your health has become a habit, rather than a trend, we slip up from time to time. That’s why it’s important to have a couple of handy tricks in your back pocket to keep things lively! Here are a few of my favorites that help keep me joyfully on track with my plant based lifestyle!

1. “Nice” Cream

It will be nice to your digestive system- that’s for sure!

This is one of my favorite desserts/snacks to make (especially in the summer time!) It satisfies my sweet tooth, and makes me feel incredible!
This is not your average “I need lay down after eating this” indulgence!



How to make “nice” cream:
– Peel and freeze a few bananas for about 12 hours (or overnight)
– Put them in a food processer, and and let them blend until they create an ice cream-like consistency.
– Add in your favorites!

A couple of my favorite add in combos are:
– Cacao Powder and Cinnamon with Coconut Shreds on top (shown)
– Strawberries and Mangos
Depends on the season!

2. Ezekiel Bread

This is not your average bread. It’s made with wheat, barley, soybeans, lentils, millet, and spelt. They offer a lot of nutrients, and it tastes good!
The company is vegan friendly, and has an entire page on their website dedicated to that.

My favorite way to eat Ezekiel Bread is toasted, and covered a little almond/peanut butter and some banana chunks. SO GOOD, and filling too!

3. Change it up

It’s important to have some variety in your health life! I’m one of those people who could be completely content eating the same food every single day (many days I do), but I find myself becoming more envisioned and re-excited about my lifestyle when I branch out and try different things!

Last week, that was switching my workout routine and doing some Insanity workouts (it was cold outside), and also making rutabaga pasta with a friend!


Though this picture isn’t the best quality, let me assure you that it was good!

How To:

– Spiralize or Shred about 4 medium Rutabagas (we used a shredding disc in my food processor)

– Boil it until tender 

– Enjoy with your sauce of choice! We made an avocado/basil sauce with some lemon juice. It was awesome!


How do you keep yourself excited about staying healthy?


I Failed!

By Julie:

           Early in December, my husband and I got to go on a ski trip to Colorado with some friends. Through a series of fortunate events, we were all able to go for extremely cheap, and it was a BLAST.   It was also my first time skiing- unless you want to count the week I spent cross-country skiing 10 years ago… I wouldn’t.

          So, we jumped on a charter bus and rode all the way from Texas to Colorado, where the ice and snow were abundant. A couple of us joined the ski school there, while the rest of our friends (my husband included) went off to hit the slopes.




          I’m pretty active, but would not consider myself a natural athlete. I work very hard to become good at the things I do, and it only happens because I commit. I’m very much an all or nothing person.

            I jumped into the ski school; I learned a lot, fell a few times, and had a ton of fun. I got pretty good at stopping and turning as I practiced on the bunny slope. After lunch, my friends convinced me to go down a green with them. It was the easiest green on the mountain, and it was also 3.5 miles long, which in my mind meant no turning back if it was awful.




I started really smooth, a little fast but in control, and as we continued going down my speed got faster and faster…

            I fell down, my friends helped me

               I continued, gaining speed, and fell down again

                  Lost control of my speed

                     Fell again

                        Our friend group split up

                           I got separated from my portion of the group

                              I waited for them to find me

                                 I realized I had taken a wrong turn

                                    I slid down a hill on my bottom


And finally, after passing through a mini terrain park, I made my way to the bottom of the mountain- alone.


            There was laughter, pain, tears, disbelief, fear, frustration, and relief.

            I failed – a lot, and I vowed to never enjoy skiing.


Sometimes, there is redemption from failure when we press in to the hard places. I don’t think that we were made to quit everything that we fail at.

The next few days, I practiced on the bunny hill a little more; got comfortable, and ended up conquering the green slope- several times. I had the time of my life, and can’t wait to ski again, but there was almost a time that I called it quits.


       I think that this lesson I learned is a good parallel to living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re new at it… you’re going to fail, and it’s okay. If you’re a seasoned vet- you’ll probably “fall” a few times too. (Lets just stick with the skiing analogy, okay.)

 What if we gave up and called it quits every time that we skipped a workout, or ate a little junk food? I don’t know about you, but I would probably end up on The Biggest Loser.


 As you begin to make goals for yourself in 2015, give yourself a little grace. It’s okay to mess up occasionally- you’re not expected to be perfect- you’re a human. The good news is that when you mess up, you’ve just set yourself a new goal to surpass. It’s the slow progress that will make it a lifestyle for you, not the 3-week cleanses, crash diets, and cutting out carbs.


Pick yourself up and keep going! It will only get easier!


New Year|Same Me

By Julie:


It’s officially 2015, and you know what that means. 

Resolutions… DUN DUN DUN…

Do you dread them, or do you love them? 

For NYE, we had a homemade pizza party with some friends. I made vegan pesto

For NYE, we had a homemade pizza party with some friends. I made vegan pesto

Did you know that most resolutions are made about weight loss and health, but only 8% of people actually achieve them each year? 


I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly dying to be a statistic. Actually, I’ve never really been into making resolutions. I like to win (the competitive side of me), and I’ve never understood why people feel the need to wait for January to make changes. In the past, when I’ve made  resolutions, or (very long term) goals, I’ve found myself  easily overwhelmed. 

Let’s find a way to make 2015 the year that we can all win. 

Instead of setting one resolution to try and fail at all year long, I’m going to set smaller goals each month. This way, I can check them off my list as I go.

Smaller goals are less overwhelming, and there’s variety as they change every month, so it’s more conducive for sustaining vision and maintaining motivation. 


Do you want to make fitness goals?

Check out : Lauren Gleisberg’s Blog. She has an entire tab devoted to workouts targeting different muscle groups

Do you want to make health goals?

Hang out here! We have great tips and recipes! Or, Check out: Kitchenspired (mostly paleo), or  Oh She Glows (vegan- WHOOP!), or 

Do you want to make minimalistic goals?

Unfancy might inspire you- her blog is about minimizing clothing, but there are plenty of avenues you could take it!

Do you want to make financial goals?

Check out “You Need A Budget” . My husband and I use this budgeting app. It syncs to your phones and computer, and is SO helpful!


What kind of goals are you making for the month of January? Lets encourage each other!


What I Eat in a Day…

By Julie:

When people hear that I don’t eat meat or dairy, I get a lot of questions. 

     “Where do you get your protein?”, “How expensive is that?”, “What do you eat?”


So, today, I am going to answer the last question: What I eat in a typical day. The bulk of my nutrition comes from fruit (and vegetables), so it’s important to eat a lot, so that I get enough calories, and feel full and satisfied by the end of my day.

Below, is everything I ate over the course of a day, sometimes (in the winter), if I’m still hungry after dinner, I will help myself to some pomegranate, banana ice cream, or maybe even something dessert-y.


Breakfast :



I love starting my day with a big banana smoothie!

*Note: I try to always eat the bananas when they are ripe (the stem at the top is no longer green) because they will digest better.


I typically use 6-7 bananas, and then will fill my blender up with a combination of water and coconut water. *In the winter I love adding cinnamon too! 

 (About 600 Cal)



Snack :



   For a mid morning snack (if I’m hungry for one), I love citrus! This picture is probably about 5 oranges, cut up in my tupperware. 


   I alway cut and prepare my  fruit the night (or a few nights before) I take it to work, that way I know that I’m setting myself up for success. 


 (About 250)


Lunch :                                                                                                                


For lunch (especially in the winter time), I love pears! They’re easy, you can take them on the go and eat them one at a time, or you can cut them up and enjoy them slowly. They’re filling and they make me feel great! 


I typically try to eat 5-6 pears at a time to satisfy myself.

 (About 550 Calories)



Snack #2 :                              


   Sometimes I get hungry before I go home from work (I work until 6), and I always have a Larabar on hand to munch on! They have so many delicious, vegan flavors to choose from. My current favorite is their holiday snickerdoodle. Its seasonal! 



 (About 220 Calories)


Dinner :

[Side note: I always try to eat raw food until dinner time]

I don’t have a picture for this one, but one of my favorite, easy, go-to dinners is a massive quinoa salad with homemade fries or smashed potatoes on the side. Chris and I usually make 2-3 sweet or regular potatoes for the both of us as our side dish. And for my salad, I cook about 1/2 cup of quinoa and then mix it with my favorite greens and vegetables, some cooked, and some raw! Its delicious and simple! 

(About 400-500 Cal [Depending on how much you add to your salad])

I have never been a fan of salad dressing, so I eat it as is, but you could even make a salad dressing with some avocado and lemon juice to add flavor!


So there it is! Everything I eat in a day! I do like variety and switch things out daily! Some of my other favorites are:

Breakfast: Giant jug/jar of homemade juice. I like to combine a lot of kale, celery, apples, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables

Lunch: 10 organges- my winter go-to. My all time favorites

Dinner: Corn Pasta, and Butternut Squash Soup are a few of my favorites

Snacks: Grapes! I love grapes!


What are some of your favorite things to eat that keep you healthy and satisfied?


Junk Food Hangover

By Julie:

Last week, I took my GRE, and I crushed it.


It was kind of a big deal because I’m only applying to one graduate school this year. To celebrate, my friends brought me some of my favorite vegan junk foods: oreos, fritos (I know, the butt of chips- I don’t care I still love them), and dairy free chocolate. Needless to say, I indulged- which doesn’t happen often! 


The next morning when my 4:54 alarm went off, I was feeling the junk food hangover!


We all know the junk food hangover- you feel sluggish, bloated, sleepy, and you crave more junk!

It was there, in my bed, half asleep, that I realized- I had a decision to make. 

I could do what my body wanted to do, and sleep in, and feel like crap all day because of the food I previously ate, or I could suck it up and go work out, which would set me back on track and cause me to feel great for the rest of the day. 


I feel like this is a decision that we all face daily.

Just because you “mess up” and get off track with your healthy eating, doesn’t mean that you can’t fix it. The guilt that you feel shouldn’t be your excuse to continue in your ways. Let it be the motivation to change them.




Set some goals.

Say no to your junkfood hangover (or don’t get one in the first place) this