When do you tell someone you’re a non meat-eater?

For many of you this might be a no brainer. You might proudly run around town telling everyone what you do and don’t eat. For me, not so much. I always feel that I’m making others feel uncomfortable when I tell them I eating a plant-based lifestyle. Why? Because I think they’ll feel like I’m going to judge what their eating (I’m not) and I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. I know how silly this sounds. I felt silly writing it, so why can’t I just let it go? Not sure. 

I recently met a new friend from my neighborhood. She is sweet, outgoing, normal and the best part is we have little ones the same age. We exchanged numbers and I felt like a girl with a crush “should I text her now? Is it too soon? Am I coming on too strong?” Needless to say, we’ve gotten together a bunch of times and have started to develop a wonderful friendship but each time we got together I thought to myself “so when do I tell her that not only am I a weird and crazy eater… but so is my daughter?”

What I eat or feed my Hannah Cakes isn’t something that came up during the first few playdates, but when I was invited to her house for a BBQ I politely said “no” to the meats and cheeses and stuck to the salad and guacamole. My decisions went unnoticed. Crisis averted.

Our next play-date she casually mentioned she likes to eat healthy and I gave myself to the go ahead to let her know that I tend to be strict/crazy with what Hannah eats (that is when her unnamed relatives aren’t sneaking her sweets. :) ) “I am too!” she exclaimed. She continued to tell me how she loves cooking with fresh veggies and hates those microwave bags they sell. “Me too” I excitedly agreed and just when I thought we were going to hug and laugh and dance around, I added “especially since microwaving things changes the molecular structure of the food, making it terrible for you.” Ohhh I was so close but there it was, the phrase that made me… nuts.

She laughed and said “Oh I’m not that crazy” but when she didn’t pack up and head towards to door, I was relived. Why do we care so much about how people are going to react or feel about the way you eat? Like someone is going to say “Oh we can’t be friends or I can’t date you because you eat healthy.” Most likely not. 

Some other reasons why I don’t publicize my eating habits:

* I don’t want to be an inconvenience.

* I don’t want people to think I’m a crazy hippie (nothing against crazy hippies.)

* I don’t want people to think I’m judging them.

What are some reasons why you’re shy about sharing your diet with others? 

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