More Myths About Plant-Based Diets

By: Julie As someone who eats a plant-based diet, it is not uncommon for me to get a lot of questions during meal times. Last week, I exposed a few “Vegan Myths” that I hear frequently. This week, by popular demand, we will be tackling

Myths About a Plant-Based Diet

By: Julie I began eating a plant-based diet about 8 ½ months ago, right before the holidays, dumb, I know. The holidays weren’t exactly smooth sailing for me. Now, as I have jumped fully into this lifestyle over the past few months, I have learned

Nashville + Blue Print Cleanse Hack

Nashville, you were good to me (us) but unfortunately I brought back some unwanted water retention; a souvenir no one wants.  My girlfriends and I headed down to Nashville to celebrate the bachelorette party of my dear friend and roomie every year of college (every year).

Married to a Meat Eater

By: Julie  My husband is a meat-eater, a dairy eater, and a full supporter of my plant-based diet. While he does eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, his meals typically don’t entirely consist of them like mine do. A common question that I get

By Far the Most AMAZING Smoothie I’ve Ever Had

We’ll call is a Blueberry Pie Smoothie. I started chugging this baby before I could even take a picture. I couldn’t control myself, it was like someone else took over… like I had an angel on one side saying “STOP! CONTROL YOURSELF, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO

The Garden that Puts Others to Shame

“I’m gonna blog about this” was all I could think when I set my eyes on my Aunt and Uncle’s garden in Upstate New York.         From eggplant, to squash, to corn, I quickly realized that my garden stinks and I didn’t

Plant-Based Foods on a Budget

​​​Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week. Why? ​Because I get to grocery shop!!! Our grocery store, HEB, is one of my favorite places to go in my free time. Maybe it’s because I love to eat, or maybe it’s because they

When do you tell someone you’re a non meat-eater?

For many of you this might be a no brainer. You might proudly run around town telling everyone what you do and don’t eat. For me, not so much. I always feel that I’m making others feel uncomfortable when I tell them I eating a

Sticking to Your Diet While Traveling

Hi! My name is Julie. I am one of Karen’s (many) cousins, and like her am very passionate about health and eat a “raw till 4” diet. Along with this, I balance being newly married (to someone who is NOT a vegan), working full-time, maintaining

My Hubby’s B-day + Avocado Wedges

Operation Avocado Wedge Replication = Success I had a mission to recreate the awesome avocado wedges we had a Oli’s in Florida and what better occasion then my hubby’s birthday. Lucky him. The avocado wedges were so easy to make and although I didn’t have