The Garden that Puts Others to Shame

“I’m gonna blog about this” was all I could think when I set my eyes on my Aunt and Uncle’s garden in Upstate New York.






From eggplant, to squash, to corn, I quickly realized that my garden stinks and I didn’t plant nearly enough this year. Ryan and I got lessons on how to keep the birds away (pin wheels and CD’s), tubing for watering the garden, and matting to keep the weeds away. Next year our garden is going to rock. 


Gathering your lunch is exhausting!

Shortly after we arrived we headed over to a farm to pick some blueberries. I must have said “this is the best day ever” 3 or 4 times and it wasn’t even noon year. 

We pulled in to the farm and were greeted by a nice woman at the entrance. She gave us buckets for our blueberries and suggested we try the berries as we picked. She pointed to Hannah and added “we don’t spray, so it’s safe.” Thanks lady, I love you an your non-spraying ways. 
IMG_5217Thank goodness for that “try before you buy” policy because our blueberries didn’t stay in the bucket very long around Hannah. Apparently she LOVES blueberries. Good thing, because I brought home a few weeks worth, some of which I’ll be freezing. 


After blueberry picking we stopped by another farm and headed home to the pool. My aunt grilled up some zucchini from her garden and sauteed green beans (from the garden of course) with garlic and ginger which was amazing. 


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Now for my menu this week; blueberry pancakes, blueberry smoothies and just plain old blueberries. 





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