Spotlight: Ellen Fisher

By Julie:
Many of you may be reading this thinking… “WHO is Ellen Fisher?!”.

Ellen Fisher with Fully Raw Kristina

Ellen Fisher with Fully Raw Kristina


 She is a raw vegan, a wife, and a mom who lives in Hawaii. I don’t know her personally, but I love following her on social media, and would highly recommend following her to anyone who is interested in living a healthy and thriving lifestyle. A few of my favorite things about following Ellen are:




  1. She lives in America.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the nations, and would love to travel to many of them. However, when receiving information about this vegan lifestyle, it’s nice to have someone to look to who is near my neck of the woods. Ellen living in the States means similar/comparable prices, seasons, etc.



  1. She feeds her son a raw vegan diet


  Ellen and her husband have the     CUTEST little boy named Elvis, and they feed him raw vegan. He loves it and is an incredibly healthy little boy. I love their boldness to break social norms (especially in America), and care for their son the way they see best (according to their personal experience). They make a few modifications due to his age (he eats more fat than they do) to see that he receives all of the nutrients he needs.


  1. She is clean

Ellen Fisher has earned my respect because she doesn’t feel the need to look provocative or pose half-naked in things that she posts online. She is proof that you don’t have to show every inch of your body to be considered healthy or beautiful. She is obviously both. She glows, she looks incredible, and exercises regularly (which is important no matter what your diet is like).


  1. She makes raw food very appealing

For many people, eating raw food all day might sound like torture. I love eating  photo 1.PNG-2  raw during my day, but have a harder time eating raw food for dinner. There is some part of me that wants to sink my teeth into something warm and “comfortable” when I come home from work. Ellen published an E-Book called “Epic Raw Food” that has some incredible (looking and tasting) recipes in it. If you are living on a budget (like me), she also posts recipes on her Instagram and YouTube accounts from time to time.



Go check out Ellen!

Follow her

Instagram: EllenFisher

YouTube: Mango Island Mamma

Website: Mango Island Mamma

 Who are some of your favorite fitness/health inspirations?

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