Food For Thought + DIY Mayhem

I was listening to the “Cut The Fat” podcast yesterday and the co-host Dr. Ray Hinish said something that really made me think. He said nothing you do once in a while is going to have a significant impact on your health and body. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, one cookie isn’t gonna kill you. It’s when you have 3 or 4 cookies, every day for a few months in a row, that’s when you’ll see an impact on your health. 

Okay so nothing I just said is groundbreaking by any means but I heard what Dr. Hinish said and took it a different way. If you occasionally eat healthy food, once in a while, when you get motivated for a hot minute, you won’t see a significant impact on your health or body either. When we order a salad instead of a burger, we want to throw ourselves a party and jump on the scale the next morning to see dramatic numbers. And when we don’t, we get discouraged and go back to eating the normal unhealthy way. We say things like “but I eat healthy” when really we only eat healthy sometimes and sometimes doesn’t have a significant impact in either direction.It’s the things we do everyday that make a difference. 

So remember this when making choices throughout the day. No, that cookie will not kill ya, but ordering a salad everyday, consistently will most certainly show you results. 


There is some DIY craziness going on up in here, I’m not quite sure what has gotten in to me lately. I mean I’ve always been known to steal junk from my neighbors curb or do a little project here and there, but these past two weeks have just been wild. Some of these chicks on the DIY Network make me feel like I can do ANYTHING. Ryan had to step in when I asked him in passing how to turn on the table saw. 

photo (1)

Some items I found at an antique shop in upstate NY

All that being said, I’m thinking of adding a little DIY element to the blog. I’ll show you some before and after pictures and tell you how I did it. Don’t worry they’ll still be plenty of recipes shared too. Do-It-Yourself-ers have to eat too! 

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