What You’re Made For

By Julie:


We were all made to thrive. 


In the things we do, with the people we know and love, and in the way we treat ourselves, we should be living thriving lives. Sometimes, life throws obstacles at us, but we have the opportunity to thrive in the things we can control.


I don’t believe that we, as people, were made to worry about our body image, count calories, suffer from disordered eating, be obese, or suffer from illnesses that come along with that.


One of the reasons that I eat a plant based diet is because it makes be feel incredible. Through trial and error on this lifestyle, I have learned that I feel my absolute best when I eat raw food, so I typically eat raw food until dinner. 

One of my favorites things to eat right now is…




Good Thing I LOVE It!

Good Thing I LOVE It!











Every person is different! I want to encourage you to try out different things. Try different combinations of food and exercise; try new leafy greens, or exotic fruits!


If you aren’t feeding yourself in a way that will set you up to thrive, you’re sabotaging yourself. 


And when we’re thriving, we won’t have to worry about as many medical issues, how our bodies look, or our bodies feeling miserable. 


I want to challenge you this week to take a risk for the betterment of your health! 


Check out these sources for more information on helping and hurting your health with food:


Click Link!

80-10-10 Book








The Documentary "Food Inc"

The Documentary “Food Inc”









"Forks Over Knives"

“Forks Over Knives”








A few ways that I have been thriving since beginning to eat vegan are:

- my skin has begun to heal itself

- I’ve gotten stronger

- I have more energy

- I always feel satisfied after a meal, never bloated. 


How are you going to risk increasing your health this week?

And if you already have, how are you thriving in it?



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