Are You Fed Up?

By Julie:     

     Recently, a documentary called “Fed Up” came out on DVD. It’s about obesity and how it relates to sugar intake. Obviously, I had to buy it to check it out for myself.


     After I finished watching this documentary, my heart was so stirred to take action. Health is something that I’ve been really passionate about for several years now, but I haven’t felt this fired up in a long time. It crushed me to see how uninformed so many people really are.  Sweet parents, trying to help their kids lose weight were buying cereal (FULL of sugar), and crackers, simply because they were marketed as “low fat”, “low sugar”, or nutritious. I saw a carton of eggs at my local grocery store recently that said “NOW For your nutritious diet!”



                       …. Yeah. If you want your cholesterol to skyrocket.


     The movie was all about sugar, and how horrible it is for you. Initially, I was interested to see what they had to say about fruit (because it makes everyone so fat… ha). However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they approved of fruit, and in fact advocated for it, saying that when fiber is present along with sugar, it digests differently than other sugar.  



A picture from the film of processed sugar going through the digestive system


       One last thing that I noticed about this documentary was that they talked about cheese and how/what it’s made form, and they talked about the horrors of sugar. However, there was absolutely no mention of meat. At the end of the documentary, they encouraged people to do the “fed up” challenge, which includes an (added) sugar detox, and there was a picture of a table, with a large salad on it.

That’s it.

No meat. No dairy. No processed foods.


So I can’t help but wonder, does the crew behind fed up recognize the benefits of a vegan diet?


Here are a couple more interesting pictures from the documentary:








What are your thoughts? Are you “Fed Up” ?


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